Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cheers Chris - "Phantomband" (1980)

If you ever go to Berlin and you are looking for records, Christian Pannenborg (aka Cheers Chris) is one of the persons you really have to meet, he helped us buy some stuff that we couldn't find in other record stores and also recommended us some really interesting artists that we didn't hear about, he really knows his stuff. At Soju Club in Berlin, each month, he also does the nights he called "Institute of Harmless Thinking" and had guest like Lovefingers, Basso, Chee, Soft Rocks and Tyedie.

Of course we had to ask him to pick some records also for DS and here's his first choice - Phantom Band with their self titled album (here's the album on Discogs). He also chose this track as his favourite... "I'm The One". Also you can listen to the whole album on Youtube here. Enjoy!

And two important links - Montezumas Rache (Chris' project) on Soundcloud
and Chris on facebook

Cheers Chris!

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