Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Konstantin Timoshenko - "Karen Fairy ‎– End Of The Day/Was It Love" (1985)

Konstantin Timoshenko (born 1974, Almaty, Kazakhstan), a professional drummer and music producer, organizer and curator of Replica Festival in Almaty, member of many projects, including Les Enfants De Paris, Pop's Machine, Sample Brothers, Akkord I On and Help Me Jones. He started collecting records at an early age, and during his school years he began to spin records and audio tapes at the school parties, in the early 90' Konstantin ran a radioshow about electronic music on the local radio station, lately the idea of popularization of different genres of electronic art grew up into organization of big (and the only one) media art festival in Middle Asia "Replica"' which took a place in Almaty in 2006 and 2007. in 2008 he moved to Sofia, Bulgaria, where he continues working with music as a theater composer, also as a songwriter and arranger in the synthpop project "Help Me Jones".
"The biggest part of my record collection i found at flea markets around the world, the Karen Fairy single too. i never found any information about this artist or the producers of this record. i only thing i know, written on cover, is that it was recorded in 1985 in Belgium. i fell in love with both sides of this record immediately, it has such a naive and romantic sound with new wave and italo-disco influences.
Here's the link to my latest mix where Karen Fairy's song appeared"

Karen Fairy - A1 - End Of The Day

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  1. bravo baieti, va recomand ceva ce s-ar putea sa va placa....just give it a play;)