Saturday, July 27, 2013

Steve Lee (Above Machine/The Project Club) - "Mr. Fingers ‎– What About This Love" (1989)

"To choose a record which represents me is an incredibly hard thing to do. I collect a lot of old and new music of many many different genres. However, I think this one sums up my whole style, swagger and passion for underground dance music. It's never ever left my record box in over 20+ years. I've closed endless endless parties with it and I think if you played this to any one of my close friends... They would simply smile and say Mr Lee. I would dance with my mum to this record, I would hug my girlfriend whilst dancing on the dancefloor and most of all share some hugely warm cuddles from people on the floor. It doesn't get much better than this in my book - And utterly utterly timeless. This is my record of choice and one you simply cannot ignore."
Mr Fingers - What About This Love (Extended version)

Useful links:
- The Above Machine on Soundcloud
- Steeve's latest mix
- The Project Jukebox (many nice surprise tracks, glad i saw Steaua de mare "In Afara Programului" posted there)
- The Project Club on Discogs (for me "El Mar Y La Luna" is one of the best records of 2011, three versions, all special, but for me the Shrinkwrap version is just perfect)
Thanks Steve! :)

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