Sunday, October 5, 2014

Ioan - "Hot Pepper - Spanglish Movement" (1978?)

Spanglish Movement” is the one and only record by the Mexican band Hot Pepper. 
I don’t know too much about the band or the album; the Internet does not either or maybe I’m searching it wrong, give it a try. There are several references out there claiming it was released 1978, but there is no evidence for that on close inspection of the record.
Getting a copy was close to impossible (read excruciating), but this will soon change to “far too easy”. Repress is literally just around the corner, lucky-you! Let’s hope we’ll learn more on this occasion about the band and their story.

A1 - Deja Que El Mundo Sea Feliz Otra Vez (Let the World Be Happy Again) – this is one of my all-time favorites and I feel anything I would say about it will sound plain dumb. It’s simply too beautiful, too naive and too rare.

A2 - Camino Equivocado (Wrong Way) – I believe this is about driving long empty roads in the desert at night, asking yourself if you got lost or not, unsure on destination, having just escaped from some edgy situation in a bar.

B1 - No Me Presiones (Don't Push Me) – have a band play this in some truckers’ bar in Mexico and people will really turn into vampires and start eating man.
B2 - Cancion Ritual (Ritual Song) - all I can say is it really scares the shit out of me


useful link -  PE ZI -  a facebook page where both Ioan and Camil post from time to time 

thank you Ioan! :)

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