Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tim Sweeney - "Lou Miami & The Kozmetix" (1982)

Mister Tim Sweeney was invited by mister Bogman in February at Bogman's events called "Camera Sambo" here in Bucharest, it was his third or second visit in Romania and we finally got the chance of asking him for a record choice for our blog. Lou Miami & The Kozmetix (1982), favourite track "Dance With Death" (you might have heard the track being played on Tim's #600 show on Beats in Space, link here, and also here's the record on Discogs).
I truly recommend you guys to check the official video of this track, search it on Youtube.

Many thanks to our friend Nainer for always carrying a camera and taking the photo for us!

Lou Miami & The Kozmetix - Dance With Death

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